DNA Activation Meditation

DNA Activation Meditation

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The ancient wisdom in which your soul seeks, is inside of you. It is the blueprint of your heart’s true path, your higher self’s knowing, your infinite creative power, and divine eternal essence. It is encoded within your DNA.

As we continue to awaken collectively, we become more attuned and connected to the multi-dimensional and cosmic aspects of ourselves in different ways, in which helps us to all become more of who we are, which is our purpose here on Earth.

The process of that happening, occurs on a deep cellular level, and it is the awakening and activation of our Cosmic DNA.

This Meditation is attuned at 632Hz which is known as the "God Frequency." It is extremely activating and energizing, and yet calming and healing at the same time. The visual video activation included is also specifically color-coded and geometrically motion-made to activate and awaken your cosmic DNA.

After listening to this meditation you will feel rested and yet ready, resilient and vibrant, and a new sense of clarity and connection. It is organized and designed to gently and powerfully activate your own Divine DNA, innate wisdom, gifts and purpose- to awaken and align you to embody your full potential.

This happens on a deep cellular level. And all you have to do, is listen. 

Unlike some of the other meditations, it is best when listened to while sitting up, and allowing for the DNA Activation to occur and transmit through your chakra system and energy centers.

With activations of rainbow and golden light, calling in the presence of your Higher Self, letting go of what no longer serves you, an intentional strengthening of your physical immune system and LightBody, and Affirmative Declarations of being- This meditation is extremely powerful, healing, and upgrading.

DNA upgrading.. to be exact.


*This meditation comes with two files, an audio file and a visual sober-psychedelic activation video and audio to watch and upgrade to. Both files can be downloaded straight to your phone and/or computer and tablet. You are sent an email with both files, and can always access your purchases straight on this website in the "MY MEDITATIONS" tab when you sign in using you email and password, it appears. As well as on your account via "teachable" or the "Activation Academy" if you are a part of either of those.

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