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Activation Vibration

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Exercise and Workout

Exercise and Workout

A cosmic upbeat guided meditation designed to hype you up while you run through divine realms.
Encoded with specific soundtracks that help to build, strengthen, balance and enhance your momentum.
This piece is a fun, uplifting, inspirational and supportive channel of momentary encouragements throughout the portal of your workout experience. 
This meditation can also be played while working out or doing other physical activities, as it is a genuine vibe of support for anything active.
18 minutes long, and activating af.
Ultimate high vibes GUARUANTEED! 
*You can download this meditation as a video or an audio file or listen to it when signing in on via the website ( Just sign in with your username and password, and go to the "My meditations" and "My Courses" tabs) You will be sent an email upon purchasing, with your meditations (audio + video activation file) Check spam if you didn't get it, it was sent! If you have any questions please email

Enjoy, may you energize and rise!!


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