Galactic Origins

Galactic Origins

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Awaken your starseed remembrance

A cosmic journey to your planetary origin

You are not originally from this planet. Your original makeup and eternal essence is of celestial divinity. You are cosmic at the core and hold connections throughout the galaxy in which awaken the totality of who you are. All you have to do, is remember.

There are many planets of light in our galaxy, and its most likely that as a starseed, you are from many different planets and realms of higher consciousness. When you tune into these past and parallel realities, you access the light of what you have mastered in other lives, and merge it into this one. Embodying your purpose and carrying out your mission with more wisdom, trust, energy, excitement, and support.

This meditation guides you through a luminous journey to your divine planetary starseed origin, and the celestial body that resonates most with your soul. To receive the gifts of your highest vibrational and mastered self. It grants you an instant activation and experience of your own self discovery, by taking you to your planetary origin and introducing you to your cosmic essence. You will know and innerstand yourself more through this process, and uncover that which your soul has been seeking. These insights will carry with you and encourage you in your daily life.

At the core you are a multi-dimensional, infinite cosmic soul in which holds wisdom, magic, purpose, superpowers, and is truly Divine. It’s time to remember. And so it is.

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