Golden Healing Light

Golden Healing Light

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This meditation is designed to activate your Light Body, and fill your entire being with the highest frequencies of healing, nourishing, invigorating LIGHT.

This transmission is extremely calming, cleansing, meditative, and transformative. It guides you through a quantum and yet powerful journey of healing and harmonizing, to embody your highest vibration.

This Guided Meditation will lead and teach you to encode your body with healing energy— directing it towards specific areas if desired. SO that you know how to align yourself to feeling your best at any moment, and can take this wisdom with you.

The energies of this meditation naturally align you to your most harmonious state— so that you can experience your greatest healing. This may translate as "simply feeling really good" or you may be aware of the upgrades and positive shifts happening within you.

You can expect to feel fresh, liberated, nourished, recharged, inspired and aligned after listening to this meditation.

This is an activation of inspiration, energy, and awareness, and serves as the perfect start to any and every day.

It is a feeling of Light, you tangibly feel.

The background music is attuned at 432Hz, and is imbedded with certain sound frequencies and resonances that reprogram your subconscious operating system to function more harmoniously. 

The words of this meditation are specifically organized and orchestrated as positive affirmations and declarations, to consciously inform and attune your inner self to also operate at your highest potential. 

*LIFE UPGRADE* listen to this meditation daily for 22 days— and your entire body, being, mental, spiritual, and emotional state will be beautifully enhanced and upgraded!!

This meditation is available for purchase for a LIMITED TIME ONLY— yet you receive a download you can listen to forever, and infinite online access to your meditations via teachable (link is sent to you) 

So if you feel the call, answer it. As these frequencies are potent and ready to be gifted, now.

 And So It Is. Blessings to you beautiful being!

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