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Activation Vibration

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Light Body Activation

Light Body Activation

Our spiritual Light Body is the divine essence of our soul, manifested into our physical form. It is the field of frequency that extends beyond us, in energetic and spiritual streams of consciousness.

 It is your Highest Self, as a physical embodiment. You.

If you are a spiritual healer, energy worker, shaman, coach, or spiritual practitioner of any sort, it is vital to fuel and activate your Light Body, and therefore this meditation was made for you. As we access light for ourselves and others, it is necessary to acclimate to our highest frequency form, so that we can hold it.

The Light Body is a field composed of different layers and levels of energy, that correspond to different aspects of our being. Connecting and combining our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies as one.

As you heal and activate your Light Body, you heal ALL parts of you, and bring more life force to your spiritual gifts.

This field of energy is also what is felt far beyond us- aligning, attracting, magnetizing and creating in ways that go beyond our physical "abilities." By having your Light body aligned and activated, you remain in overall alignment; effortlessly.

A personal Light Body can become blocked through trauma or other painful situations that cause one to retract from themselves and life. Yet by working to balance and cleanse our spiritual Light Body, we promote personal healing through natural experiences, and create a greater sense of harmony within ourselves and our surroundings. By activating our spiritual Light Body, we support our overall well being, eternal resilience, and initiate access to our own super powers.

This meditation is attuned at 963Hz, also known as the heavenly frequency, the God frequency, or the Frequency of the Divine. It is specifically encoded with healing and loving energy, affirmations, and guidance to awaken, ignite, and activate your Light Body. Listen to this 15:55 meditation everyday, and watch how your life ignites with LIGHT, instantly. It's a frequency. And so it is.


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