Aura and Appearance

Aura and Appearance

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The Beauty Meditation

Enhance Your Appearance and Aura- through aligning your Physical and Energetic State of Being

Divine Hypnosis, Invocation & Meditation

When we feel good in our physical form- it translates into everything that we are, express and do. How we feel about ourselves, is felt by everyone else.

Truly, It is a beautiful thing to desire to enhance your physical state through your appearance for your own enjoyment and embodied feeling of alignment~

*This satisfies the divine aspect of the Ego; in which is purposed to fuel and fill you with sovereign confidence and encourage you to honor and live out your purpose.

In order to feel integrally and eternally good about how we look on the outside; we must feel deeply good in the inside- and when we do; there is a radiance, shine, and essence of Love that emanates from every pore of your being.

As we feel more beautiful, we become more beautiful, and thus— everything around us is influenced to appear and express more beautifully.

Therefore; this powerful meditation and hypnosis is designed to realign your body into functioning optimally, operating in divine harmony in all aspects; and thus making you look your absolute best- the ideal version of yourself.

Listening to this once will absolutely make you more beautiful, healthy and harmonious, and it will only amplify and increase as you continue. 

*p.s you can download this meditation as a video or an audio file or listen to it when signing in on via the website ( Just sign in with your username and password, and go to the "My meditations" and "My Courses" tabs) You will be sent an email upon purchasing, with your meditations (audio + video activation file) Check spam if you didn't get it, it was sent! If you have any questions please email


Infinite Blessings to You and Your Moments

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