Instant Alignment

Instant Alignment

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This meditation is a portal of instant activation and alignment, that will have you feeling fresh, rejuvenated, clear and connected- almost instantly.

A flush of energy and Light that comes through, activates and integrates- within 5 minutes and 55 seconds.

It is a super positive and uplifting piece, that brings through a stabilizing and yet energizing presence of inspiration and innate desire to move forward, that is subtle yet felt tangibly.

In other words, a quick cosmic pick-me-up!! 
May you align to your highest frequency.

And So It Is

ACCESS: This meditation is downloadable as an audio file upon purchase (you will be sent an email) and it can also be downloaded and listened to straight on and from this website using your login details. You also have infinite access to all your meditations, here on this website and teachable. Just sign in with your username and password, and go to the "My meditations" and "MY MEDITATIONS" tabs.

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