Heather Hoffman, the energy igniting the “Activation Vibration,”  is a multi-dimensional being with many extrasensory abilities and talents.

A conduit of cosmic magic- she is known for her ability to tap into higher realms and channel that which is unseen. Translating into videos, written art, poems, songs, guided meditations, readings, and sessions.

Her soul’s infatuation with alternative forms of natural and energetic healing has been a theme for lifetimes, and her dedicated journey of healing others became her full-time purpose in 2013.

Having been on her own since 14 years old, she has lived with all types of different people, families, cultures, and traditions - gathering accordingly and adopting bits and pieces of different perceptions and truths. With this- she has cultivated a deep awareness of Self- the human race as a whole and has mastered how to integrate energy into form, which she now shares publically.

She has now traveled around the world in a continuous exploration; teaching yoga, meditation, and light bodywork. Her focus expresses in many forms, all encouraging the merging of the different aspects of Self; Mind, Body, and Soul.

She is an infinite being free of labels, but can also be referenced as an intuitive holistic nutritionist, wellness coach, public speaker, cosmic channel, blogger and youtube personality.

Her gifts continue to translate in many ways- which she enjoys sharing daily; inspiring many to lead a more fulfilling and connected lifestyle.