<!--About Heather-->

Every moment prior has lead us to meet in this one.
Thank you for being here and existing on earth during this lifetime. It is an honor and a gift to meet you, even if just for this moment. Welcome, again thank you, and congratulations for succeeding your journey to make it to this point.
As a cosmic channel, spiritual intuitive, and overall fun-loving cosmic human, I have casually incarnated on this planet to guide, activate, awaken, and remind others of their full power, potential and purpose. I do so with divine awareness and intention, and focus on the frequencies of love, joy, bliss, beauty and light- as a reminder that evolution and ascension can also be effortless and enjoyable!
I infuse all of my creations and virtual transmissions with the highest frequencies of Activation. To awaken and remind you of the Divinity you already have within. The Activation Vibration, is a frequency you feel. Check out my music, youtube vlog series, and social media platforms to get to know me more, or book a session. We probably have lifetimes to catch up on, so let's vibe. Infinite love always, Heather