Beautiful Magical Being,
What an honor it is to connect through these words, frequency, and alignment.. For although at this point our daily human-on-earth experiences seem pretty casual, I truly view and appreciate All, as the miracles and blessings in which they are. Therefore
Thank you; for Being Here.
With this Divine Awareness, I create, encode, love, and infuse all of my transmissions and virtual portals with the Highest Frequency of Light.
It is coming from and through "me", however it is available and made accessible to all~ through these intentional pieces.
My meditations, Courses, Music, Videos and written transmissions all hold this intention, and perhaps~ you feel it :)
As Heather, I personally translate in many ways and my journey has transformed many times throughout my life- allowing me to explore, open, and channel an expansive frequency of energy in which I make available through my offerings.
My whole life has been present with spirituality, as I incarnated- with this remembrance, into a life of extremities and intense experiences. My childhood was everything but normal- and through the trauma, transitions and experiences; I had no choice but to Awaken and turn to the spiritual realms in order to survive.. and Thrive.
In 2012- I experienced one of many major Personal Initiations guided by Source; God; Spirit- and spent most of the year alone, meditating and clearing/rewriting my own energetic templates, as to best be of service to my Self and the Collective.
That year I reconnected with my Spiritual Channel in a whole new and tangible way- and over the years have continued to evolve and expand.
I have now been channeling collective and personal psychic wisdom, guidance, information and assistance for multiple years, and am honored to utilize my own alchemy to connect others- with their own.
One of my many purposes on Earth is to Activate the Activators- and I specialize in reminding and reconnecting people to their Soul- to embody their best version of Self. This occurs divinely in many forms; as all beings are here to be and emit a specific unique essence, and therefore- this co-created evolution; is Infinite.
Together we already have- and are continuing to create earth-wide (& galaxy wide) movements of connection and empowerment for the people.
Thank You for Tapping In
~May the upgrades integrate with effortless bliss~
All that I say, state, claim, and do, is of the Highest Truth- Reverence- Honor and Intention; as everything is seen, known, and accounted for in the Higher Realms
And So It Is
Love, Heather