Heather is a gifted spiritual intuitive, cosmic channel, psychic and oracle; who specializes in activating people into their best version of themselves. 
Heather connects with the assistance of higher level guidance to bring through encoded frequencies of Divine Light, through the form of verbal and virtual offerings, with purpose to awaken consciousness and anchor in a new Grid of Light for Earth.

Also known as the Activation Vibration. 

Heather works directly with Source to translate healing and initiate personal activation through her virtual transmissions, mentorships, ceremonies + in-person gatherings, live speaking events, workshops, courses, videos and scroll transcriptions. 
Many of her channelings have begun earth-wide (& galaxy wide) movements of connection and empowerment for the people.
There is a unique and encoded feeling and frequency that is felt when interacting with Heather and receiving her transmissions. This essence is a heart-based resonance, and a mergence with personal purpose + truth that aligns you with your Higher Self.
Heather specializes in seeing beyond the veil, personal ascension training, light-body embodiment, psychic development, quantum healing, and mentors the collective spiritual awakening of lightworkers across the globe.  
Heather continues to evolve, quantumly shift, and channel new encoded frequencies, information, transmissions and realties to make this divine process more blissful, creative, cosmic and interconnected. 
You have been angelically guided to this moment, this page, these words for a reason
~may the upgrades integrate with effortless bliss~