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Activation Vibration

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Brilliant Beautiful Body

Brilliant Beautiful Body

A guided meditation designed to enhance and make your body more physically beautiful and intuitively brilliant.

This piece combines the unique wisdom of the body and it's innate intelligence with the life force of cosmic frequencies. So that you adjust and attune to your higher perspective of perfection. This meditation will not only help you look more beautiful, but it will also help you to feel more beautiful. Functioning optimally, and in your best state.

When we feel our best and our most beautiful and comfortable in our bodies- we become our best versions. We glow, we radiate, and bring more beauty to the planet. We become and create more love. A sense of ease, harmony, and grace exudes from us- as we naturally dance and glide through the waves of life.

Life changes to then become a divine experience, in which offers you constant opportunities of alignment, bliss, joy and divine creation along your journey.

It is a GOOD THING to desire a beautiful body, as we are all meant to enjoy life as the best version of ourselves. As you continue to become your most beautiful self- you will see beautiful changes in all areas of your life- and thus reflecting positively influence others as well.

The Brilliant and Beautiful Body Meditation is encoded with certain words and phrases your soul will remember. Key codes that activate a remembrance within you, so that your body functions at its optimal state. When doing so, it becomes effortless to enjoy life.

Your body and mind are in a constant state of change, transformation and evolution. Therefore attuning consistently to this meditation, is an activation that creates a high frequency of connection, as your base line.

Listening to the encodings spoken in this meditation instantly aligns you to your best state, and helps you to sculpt structure from this foundation of frequency. Therefore you always remain and exist in a version of your own highest frequency.

Paired with potent affirmations that write positive memories into your mind, and binaural beats that heal your subconscious; you will notice a significant shift in your overall reality, and a greater sense of happiness and contentment in life. Especially when listened to daily- expect major divine upgrades and positive changes to take place.

The Brilliant Beautiful Body Meditation will help you achieve the transformation you desire and deserve.

And so it is.

*p.s you can download this as an audio file, or listen to it when signing in on via the website (Just sign in with your username and password, and go to the "My Meditations" and "My Courses" tabs) You will be sent an email upon purchasing, with your meditation. Check spam if you didn't get it, it was sent! If you have any questions please email

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