Cosmic Highest Self

Cosmic Highest Self

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As we attune to our highest frequency, we embody who and what we truly are. A stronger and brighter light shines through us to enliven and energize even the darkest spaces of the past. We rebirth to reveal anew. That which we are at the core, our Highest Self.

This 11:11 meditation is attuned with binaural beats at 432 Hz, to heal and harmonize your nervous system on a deep subconscious level and allow for your most vibrant, divine essence to shine through you.
It is most potent when listened to with intention, in a comfortable position and relaxed environment. Yet you can also listen to it casually while getting ready in the rising or driving, and is most powerful when listened to daily.
And So It Is!! 

*This meditation comes with two files, an audio file and a visual sober-psychedelic activation video and audio to watch and upgrade to. Both files can be downloaded straight to your phone and/or computer and tablet. You are sent an email with both files, and can always access your purchases straight on this website in the "MY MEDITATIONS" tab when you sign in using you email and password, it appears. As well as on your account via "teachable" or the "Activation Academy" if you are a part of either of those.

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