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Activation Vibration

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Pleasure Meditation

Pleasure Meditation

Pleasure is your infinite state of reward and relaxation, and when pleasure is approached with a spiritual perspective in alignment with the soul, it becomes a gateway to experiencing the divine essence within ourselves and the higher realms. It is the frequency of God.

It is your natural state.

When you honor your “personal pleasure” with pure intentions and authenticity, becomes a sacred act. It is a recognition and acceptance of your true self, what fuels you, and an acknowledgment of your unique purpose on earth. By honoring your own holy desires of pleasure, you become soul-satisfied, and divinely guided to open the doors to your fullest potential and highest timeline. 

Embracing pleasure as a spiritual experience is a transformative practice that enables you to integrate your physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects together. You know who you are on a deeper level, and thus how to show up as you own best version.

Plus, you'll feel, look, create, exist as your most delicious.

This meditation is attuned at 528Hz and is a journey of understanding and connecting to your own self pleasure. It is perfect for those who are comfortable with their pleasure and are ready to explore more, and especially those who are not comfortable with giving/receiving pleasure, and are ready to heal and connect to their most pleasured state. This is an intimate meditation, so it should be done in the comfort and privacy of somewhere you can tune in.

Pleasure is a path and not a destination. It is an enjoyment and fulfillment of self that satiates you on a soul level. This natural state of being is your most pleasured. Tune into your unique frequency of magic. Your pleasure is your pathway, it is your muse and guide. Let yourself receive.

And so it is.


*p.s you can download this as an audio file, or listen to it when signing in on via the website (Just sign in with your username and password, and go to the "My Meditations" and "My Courses" tabs) You will be sent an email upon purchasing, with your meditation. Check spam if you didn't get it, it was sent! If you have any questions please email

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