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Ascension Mentorship

Ascension Mentorship

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The spiritual Support you have been calling in💕

Hi, i'm here to help guide you to a higher timeline.

This mentorship is for someone who is looking to connect more deeply with their intuition, remember their cosmic roots, embody more of who they truly are, live in their highest frequency, be abundant in offering their gifts, and activate the energy to joyfully move forward with clarity and connection.

This intimate offering and mentorship is an empowering, transformative, and activating personal container and connection between you and Heather *Activation Vibration* to uplift, support, enliven, inspire, activate, and align you to embody your most divine version.

Each of us has our own unique essence and medicine in which we offer to the world, that no one else can. This is our passion, our purpose, our mission. It is the reason we chose to come to earth, and when we remember and connect to this energy- we get the absolute best out of life, in every way. (Let's make this the best life yet)

This mentorship is an intimate container, that allows for open text communication 24/7 for the duration of our mentorship, and 4 potent and in depth 70 min personal channeling sessions together.

You will also receive follow up emails after each meeting with a recording and personalized mini activation based off our session, for you to listen to whenever needed! Codes to take with you forever.

Each session is unique and activating in its own way yet always caters to your personal position, goals, and divine alignment.

Together we can tap into:
-Spiritual counseling and channeled guidance
-Awakening your unique gifts and superpowers
-Strengthening connection to higher guidance
-Psychic abilities and intuition
-Physical embodiment and health
-Personal life and family matters
-Relationships and intimate connections
-Heart healing and attracting love
-Amplifying your authentic expression and confidence 
-Quantum healings and activations
-Oracle card readings
-Past life regressions and memories
-Starseeds and cosmic lineages
-Light language and channeling
-Practices for motivation, happiness, joy, beauty
-Ego deaths and the “dark night of the soul”
-Clearing mindset blocks and old beliefs
-Cord cutting
-Dissolving expired karmic contracts 
-Awakening your soul purpose
-Embodying your best version
-Tangible tips and tools to utilize in your life
-Next steps and future alignments

*available for a short time only*


Q: What happens after I buy?

A: I email you with my personal phone number and how we move forward, within 72 hours.

Q: Are the sessions recorded?

A: Yes (unless you don’t want them to be) We have the sessions via Zoom, and I email you the download recording after each session.

Q: Do I have to know what to talk about?

A: Absolutely not. The sessions happen divinely, and I gently guide us in an open space so you don’t have to worry about anything!

Q: Can I ask specific questions?

A: Yes. As a cosmic channel, spiritual intuitive and psychic, I can channel information on any and every topic, and if something is unclear I will let you know, yet will give you all the information that comes through.

Q: Is this even real?

A: Yes. It is. I have been channeling and offering sessions for clients for over 7 years now, and am grateful and humbled in my accuracy in the information I channel for others. We can tap into extra cosmic topics, het ultimately my clients report that the genuine connection, care and communication we have during and outside of our sessions, is what heal/activates most.

Q: Do we ever talk again after?

A: Yes! I am here, my number stays the same, and we will stay in touch if you’d like, and since we have had this mentorship together, you have access to future sessions. Of course if there is reason we choose or need to have an agreement otherwise, we will.

Q: Why the Price so high vibe tho?

A: This mentorship is a personalized transformation portal for you, it is not just some illusive few talks we have. As a channel and psychic, we dive deep into any and everything you have ever wanted to talk about (requires strong energy) Plus you receive text communication and support from me personally while we have our mentorship. Plus I'm here for future support❤️

Q: What happens if I cant make a session or we need to push them to a later date?

A: That is fine and I totally get that we are navigating many realms here on earth, so sometimes the mentorship lasts a few months if necessary as we schedule our four sessions out, and we stay connected throughout the whole duration of the mentorship with open text support. 

*Sessions are no refundable if you cancel within 24hrs of our session without reschedule/warning


This mentorship is a deeply intentional, personal, and immersive experience in which allows us to connect in ways beyond words, so that you feel comfortable, familiar, and supported in a way that encourages you to evolve from within. The connection and communication within this condensed period of time, amplifies and translates to lifetimes. Our cosmic and earth friendship remains eternally. 

*The Activation Team will email you to schedule within 72 hours after purchasing*

I look so forward to connecting with you!


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