Ascension Mentorship

Ascension Mentorship

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Ascension Mentorship

Within this mentorship, you will experience multiple Activation and Alignment sessions, through an intimate dynamic of voice and video communication with me directly.

This offering is a deeply intentional and immersive experience, in which allows you to connect with me on a deep level so that you feel comfortable, familiar, and supported in a way that allows you to evolve from within. The connection and communication within this condensed period of time- amplifies and translates to lifetimes of your own personal evolution.  The codes continue to integrate and upgrade after each session, cultivating an Essence in which belongs to you, is of you, and yours to take with you, forever.

Each session is unique, yet always caters to your personal position, goals and desires- and can be any combination of spiritual counseling, personal mentorship, channeling guides + information, or quantum healing. All will include a wide range of guidance on how to navigate and best align to all areas of your life. All topics, questions and concerns are allowed, of worthiness, and can be tapped into.  

This Mentorship is a month-long offering; of two hour-long recorded video calls per week, for a total of 4 consecutive weeks

*8 Channeling Sessions Total

Plus unlimited personal text support

AND spiritual/energetic protection and assistance

Within this Mentorship, you can expect a completely new energetic field to activate within and around you. I specialize in getting to the root of any imbalances or distortions, so that they can be cleared from the core- and a true resonant alignment can take place. Together we will clear mindset blocks, internal programming, and discordances that may be preventing or limiting you from stepping into your personal power, and achieving your true soul’s purpose and potential. 

As a cosmic channel and spiritual psychic oracle; I am gifted the ability to see beyond this realm. Translating spirit, into tangible innerstanding and allocation. Therefore clarifying and helping others to rewrite their past, present and future- and guide them to completely create a new reality for themselves.

I Activate Light Beings into their best version of themselves, on all levels- as to access their own full potential. 

Together, we will amplify, positively increase, and ascend your personal vibration and frequency to re-code your reality, and bring forth a new-life experience, every day. 

I am currently offering this one-on-one personal mentorship for a limited time. Therefore the intention is to cultivate a tight, focused, and sacred energetic container to work with a select individual who is desiring to fully upgrade their existence and shift to a higher timeline- and answer the calling of their Soul. 

I am so grateful and honored, to help you to fully see, remember and KNOW the physicality and infinity of your personal divine perfection.

Expand into your True Self

Harness Your Sovereignty

Re-Code the realms of your reality

Re-claim your Personal Power 

Step into your state as creator of your reality 

Align with your highest timeline..

*I will personally email you, within 48 hours after purchasing*

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