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Shadow Work: Written PDF

Shadow Work: Written PDF

Alchemize Your Inner Shadow, Utilize all aspects of yourself to benefit you

The Ultimate Alchemization

This written and interactive PDF course is a 20 page encoded guide to help you locate, identify, and reveal your shadow aspects to your Self and how to properly guide them into the light, with purpose to integrate them into your best version of Self.


The Transcending a Shadow Course is composed of activating and encoded information to shift you into a higher state of awareness, and is followed by a process of guided questions for you to ask yourself, journal about and reflect on. 

Course also includes;

  • Mental re-wiring techniques to shift into a different state
  • Bonus exercises to utilize on your own
  • Higher Light Decree (Self-command script to say out loud to yourself to seal, protect and integrate all shifts)
*All information and guidance is streamed from source and channeled through Heather of Activation Vibration

This piece will be immediately emailed to you via PDF document once you have purchased.

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