11/11/2022 Portal Energies

11/11/2022 Portal Energies

Today’s numerological energies of 11/11/22 symbolize reclamation, embodiment, integration, new beginnings, a fresh start, a new cycle, and allowance of what is divinely meant to be.


Specifically revisiting the entrance and gateway of your highest timeline, and with the clarity and connection of what you now know— the ability to fully choose your purposed path.


You will always have the ability to choose a higher timeline, a clearer path, a better option, a new opportunity, and fresh energy as you evolve and acquire new knowledge. That is actually how you do so.


So with today’s support and energetic encouragement of the 11/11/22 gateway portal, you are offered the gift of revisiting the entrance of your own internal enlightenment, and through ease and grace— you align and enter.


Because through experience we now know that it is not with force and anxious effort that we align to what is of most harmonious resonance to us, it is through trust, grace, allowance, and internal alignment.


So today, focus on integration— in order to allow the natural activation. You do not need to outreach, seek, or do extreme external things in order to achieve. Every breath and beat of your heart is guiding and leading you accordingly. You will always end up where you are meant to be.


So, how much can you enjoy it? How beautiful can you make it? What is your unique essence and emission like, in reflection of it all?♥️


To honor the energies today, I am personally writing out my gratitude affirmations as I usually do, and taking a few extra moments to really feel them as I say them out loud to myself after, and allow it to really be the focus of my energy.

I’ll also be resting extra today (happen to also get my moon) and taking a bath, responding to and tending to necessary catch-up things so I feel complete, and then spending some time with a new love I recently met (soul knew him for lifetimes though) that has felt in true greatest alignment.. so good fun laughs and nourishing cuddles are to be expected. So it’s about the vibes of everything— and regardless if you have the freedom to choose what you do today or not, do it all with a sense of trust, ease, grace, and gratitude. See how much you can enjoy it all, today.♥️


What’re you up to tonight? Are you feeling called to do anything for the portal day? I love you fam, and am sending you blessings I hope your heart is happy and you have a magical day.

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