The fire

The fire

Flames are burning away any and everything that cannot remain. Karmic cords are being replaced with harmonious resonances and eternal relationships. Energy is magnetic right now—amplifying thoughts and focuses to manifest materially in some way. Transitions are taking place and timelines are being chosen.

Be brave and bold with your truth yet gentle and compassionate with your delivery. Activating loving awareness will instantly shift your consciousness to a higher frequency. Create space for new insights to come through, by resting. Shift to alternative perspectives to bring through new reasons for any physical or emotional ailments or misalignments occurring or increasing during this time. All will heal if you do and decide so. Bless and connect to your food, family, friends and freedom. Confide in loved ones and allow your heart to lead you to what’s next. Spend extended time in prayer and meditation. Speak and repeat only that which has good intention, meaning and purpose. Journey inward to sculpt the external path you walk. Gather your power from your soul’s inner faith. Commune with the elements and sing songs to nature. Hug the earth and thank the soil.

Know that everything is always leading you to where you are meant to be, and all that is meant for you will inevitably find you. Be it now, and they will meet you there. You will belong, where you are meant to be— let yourself be guided there. Intuitively, you know how to get there. And so it is.

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