Activate Your Light Language
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Activate Light Language
Spiritual Awakening Guidance
Activation Mudra
Activate Your Light Language
Access Light Language
Activate Light Language
Spiritual Awakening Guidance
Activation Mudra

Activate Your Light Language

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Activate and access the true essence of your soul

Light Language is a cosmic channeled language that transmits divine frequencies of consciousness and Light, through the genuine expression of the Soul. It is the divinity of your inner voice, and the universe combined.
Light Language channels to serve as a prayer, a healing, a blessing, an activation, to create miracles, protection, and ceremonial invocations of divinity.
It is a language and energetic transmission that speaks beyond words and physical identity, streaming straight to the subconscious and core essence of who you truly are.
Light language is known and understood by all, and everyone has the ability to tap into their own Light Language.
Yet in order for it to be truly real and create tangible shifts- a certain frequency and awareness, is required...

Which is why the Light Language Course was created.


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-Empowers you; increasing your confidence and authentic vibration. Making you feel more at ease in your expression.

-Heals, aligns and upgrades you to your highest timeline.

-Strengthens your sense of connection, your trust, clarity, energy, and joy.

-Advances your intuitive accuracy, so that you can interpret and translate spirit more efficiently.

-Activates dormant DNA and encoded wisdom within your being. Reawakening forgotten aspects of yourself, so that you can advance beyond your current perception.

-Grants you higher dimensional access to your own divine memory and information, opening your communication channels so that you can receive guidance and messages more clearly.


The Light Language Course


In this course I also channel a LIVE Light Language transmission activation, to activate your inner power and connection- in a call and response style, so we can speak Light Language back and forth together!!

Light Language is the expression of the soul, and the most potent way to fully and instantly embody the totality of who you are. In any situation, always.

Through accessing your Light Language and soul's true voice and expression- you will observe your entire life positively shift and upgrade.

We have spoken this language since before the beginning of time, and it’s time we remember. Thank you for being one of the Ones, who have been called.

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Enjoy your miracles, And So It Is.

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Abundance Codes & Frequency- Video Course

Abundance Codes & Frequency- Video Course

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Activate The Codes of Your Abundance and Tap In to Your Infinite Frequency 

Manifest Miracles into every area of your life 

This encoded course is designed to manifest abundance into all desired areas of your life- on a quantum level; resulting energetically, spiritually, materially, emotionally and physically.

It is of benefit to one looking to manifest an abundance of any type of energy; money, wealth, health, love, connection, attraction, positivity, miracles, beauty, inspiration, etc.

All of this content was channeled and created within and through the Abundance Frequency (further explained in the course) which directly unites and connects you to your own version of the frequency.

These encoded tools (video + audio) are INFINITE- and can be utilized at different times in your life to manifest different things; by simply setting the intention of that specific theme and listening in that energy.

It is common and normal that one receives unexpected or expected sums of money and wealth soon after just listening to and receiving from these pieces.

This course is designed to provide all the internal support to connect you with the frequency, and your act within the course is simply to open, listen, watch, and receive. 

This Course includes;

  •  New Abundance Belief Restructure- Purposed to restructure your relationship with money, through the form of a meditation that quantumly shifts your inner operational system around attracting and maintaining money and financial support. 

  • Golden Sea Visualization Video; A guided visualization walkthrough to connect you with the Abundance Frequency directly. This cannot be explained in words. A powerful infinite experience.

  • Channeled Abundance Frequency Affirmation Video- This video is designed to instantly activate your Abundance receptors- to open and attune to a new reality in which we co-create within the quantum space. 

  • An extended version of my Abundance Frequency Video- where I logically explain the concept of the abundance frequency as to connect with, and give understanding to the mind. Within this specific piece, there are a few extra specific tools, tips, and a live channeling where we tap in and connect with the vibration together.




Personally, it was a full initiation channeling and creating these encoded pieces. Throughout the process, I was granted random large sums of money, shared on large powerful popular platforms and pages in positive ways, had a flurry of concrete creative ideas and inspiration, and had the energy to manifest the completion of many projects best case scenario.

The Abundance Frequency- it’s a real thing. Tap in~


Let us know in the comments below what miracles manifest for you after receiving the Abundance Frequency Transmissions! Lets keep it growing and amplifying~ 

May all money on the planet continue to align to a higher frequency in greater balance and benefit for all life and beings. And so it is. Blessings~

Self Empowerment- Video Course

Self Empowerment- Video Course

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The Self Empowerment Course is an 8 day video course that will change the course of your entire life. Yes, that sounds dramatic- because it is. This course was specifically channeled with the assistance of the higher angelic and cosmic realms and has been created to assist you in reorganizing- revitalizing and reinvigorating your life by using a few tips and tools in which hold potent magic and energy. The birth of this course was insisted by multiple higher dimensional guides who feel it is time this information is shared, known, and applied by us all.

YOU are ready.

I have found that these specific sequences are most helpful and accurate in aligning me and almost all of my clients and connections, with the TRUE Self and purpose.


You simply watch one video a day and apply the lesson, message, and suggestion to your life, and bear witness to the most beautiful transformation you have yet to experience- getting to know and enjoy your SOUL more. All videos are shorter than 11 minutes, and this course is necessary and beneficial for BOTH men and women of any age.

Once you have purchased the course and filled out your information, log in to using your email and password, and visit the "MY COURSES" tab at the top of the site. This will bring you to a page with infinite access to all videos of the course. 

Blessings to you~ Thank you for taking responsibility for your incarnation. You are loved, appreciated, and supported.

Shadow Alchemy- PDF Self Inquiry

Shadow Alchemy- PDF Self Inquiry

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Alchemize Your Inner Shadow, Utilize all aspects of yourself to benefit you

The Ultimate Alchemization

This written and interactive PDF course is a 20 page encoded guide to help you locate, identify, and reveal your shadow aspects to your Self and how to properly guide them into the light, with purpose to integrate them into your best version of Self.


The Transcending a Shadow Course is composed of activating and encoded information to shift you into a higher state of awareness, and is followed by a process of guided questions for you to ask yourself, journal about and reflect on. 

Course also includes;

  • Mental re-wiring techniques to shift into a different state
  • Bonus exercises to utilize on your own
  • Higher Light Decree (Self-command script to say out loud to yourself to seal, protect and integrate all shifts)
*All information and guidance is streamed from source and channeled through Heather of Activation Vibration

This piece will be immediately emailed to you via PDF document once you have purchased.

Physical Upgrade & DNA Activation

Physical Upgrade & DNA Activation

Regular price $77.77

The Perfect Virtual Course for an Instant Personal Initiation

Physical + Energetic Exercises

As anciently prophesied, envisioned, and known by many cultures and channels~Humanity is currently undergoing a shift in frequency

This is the Ascension, and our DNA is Activating and Upgrading

This encoded series consists of channeled information that will mentally stimulate, remind and activate your personal power and full potential, explaining the crystallization process of cellular structuring and DNA Upgrades- and three potent interactive videos. Two of them are guided physical practices to follow along to; one seated and one standing, and one professionally produced binaural beat meditation that is designed to integrate higher frequency codes and instantly raise your vibration.

These videos express as a combination of multiple channeled and ancient/futuristic practices of energy management and connection- organized in a way to quantumly align, harmonize and balance your body and being. Teaching you how to connect with and harness your personal power.

These movements will not only make you feel good, enhance your posture, presence, life force and direction- but can help to connect you to different aspects of yourself from parallel/past timelines, lifetimes and embodiments to access more of who you are Now. That is the intensity and the power of these specific movements and codes.

All of these videos are created as short and potent transmissions as to encourage the implication of them, as a daily practice. Simply watching and receiving these codes once- will benefit and upgrade anyone, yet consistency for at least 22 days ensures the time and cultivation of the greatest timeline alignment, in agreement and support of the universe and one’s external reality. Meaning your life will organize itself in best support of you by the time you reach your Mastery to the next level, having repeated these practices and codes for 22 days.

They invoke a certain vibrational support and presence of the Divine.

An Ascended Series into Self Mastery
Simply begin by taking these steps, and your Divine Alignment will follow~

The Encoded Content:

-Textual information on Cellular Upgrades and DNA Crystallization-a scientifically explained upgrade process description- for the mind to mentally attune to the awareness and support the process.

-Cellular Upgrade Seated Sequence: A channeled flow of movements designed to expand, strengthen, and solidify your energetic field and aura.
Increases psychic awareness, flow of Chi and Life Force energy, breath depth, auric expansion, extra-sensory abilities, and internal alignment

-Cellular Activation Standing Sequence: A potent practice of energetically activating movements to cultivate One’s personal Life Force Energy. Gently and gracefully charging it, while also integrating and aligning as to best be utilized by the Being.
Increases motivation, inspiration, creativity, vibrancy, health, psychic protection, posture, presence, external-reality alignment, and overall soul-glow

-Activation Meditation- The Realms of Vibrant Health
An audible portal- designed to create a healing chamber of Infinite Light and Angelic Healing Presence. Combined and paired with specific vibrational frequencies of 528hz, and 432hz, this piece immediately drops you into a physical and energetic DNA upgrade that is instantly felt, found, and flourishes within the being.


Once you have purchased the Course- you have access IMMEDIATELY. Sign in to this website with the same email and password you originally used, and in the Menu Bar, a new tab will appear; “YOUR COURSES” and there you have infinite access to your transmissions.

You must Choose Your Self, in order to be Chosen

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