It truly is, an honor to connect with you within this moment in time.

This particular portal is designed as a virtual guide to assist you along your personal journey of liberating your consciousness, stepping into your sovereignty, and embodying your personal mastery. Divinely connecting you with encoded frequencies to remind you of your true essence.

Here you will find virtual tools to help you align with your highest timeline, by making your earth experience more enjoyable, effortless, and of the best case scenario.

This information is manifested tangibly through Video + PDF Courses of Mastery, Channeled Light Transmissions, frequency-altering meditations, musical sound healing, Affirmative Decrees + Invocations, a Virtual connective community, and simply.. a feeling. 

May your moments manifest miracles in abundance as you deserve~

And So It Is~



Virtual Activation Tools to align you into your Most  Divine Expression



Alchemical word wizardry designed to remind you  ~Channeled with Love~



Wow, You have confirmed so many of the subjects that have been the main topics of my life recently, and took it to such a deeper level so I can understand it better. Thank you for bringing me clarity. I thank you forever. 

M. D

Heather, divine being,

This reading shook every fiber of my being! It was a wake up call and was translated in such a way I could understand and apply to my life. I can now move forward with ease and grace as I use this information to help guide me. 

T. P

Thank you so much- I could not even expect this kind of powerful reading. When I first got this reading I was quite lost and broken. When I finished reading and thinking through, I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I know there are lots of changes to make but I am now ready to get through it. It’s hard to even explain how powerful this was. Thank you. 


Thank you so much for this reading sweetheart. All of what you wrote rings so true and blew me away! This is my first and only ever card reading and i knew i didnt want anyone but you to do it. I am humbled that I got to have such a high vibrational being meditate on my behalf. Thank you again, love to you. ~ L. L

L. L

You are so on point! Everything you said, I was actually doing at the time. No one besides my guides could have explained it like you did. Thank you for helping me, this information has set me free!!

K. J

Beautiful Goddess of Light!

Thank you for a most lush, playful, sacred and magical virtual ceremony for our one on one session. I was floating all day! Your light is so powerful, clean, and brilliant. I am beyond grateful to have had the blessing to connect with the channel that you are!


Dear Divine Sister,

Thank you! What an amazing reading, You are truly an angel here to help others. I love how you are so gifted and in tune with everything, You are amazing and i’m ever grateful. ~ 

S. P

Heather’s reading was so on point and I channel spirit myself! It blew me away with how in tune she is and how clear her channel is! It is so nice to receive a reading from a human vessel of such loving, radiant, healing light! Connecting with her also gave me huge momentum and energy for my week! ~ D.D


Lovely Heather,

I have come back to my reading now three months later and wow- everything you predicted was true! I left my job that was starving my soul and now feel so much better- Fast forward to reading it weeks later, I am so happy and content with this confirmation. Thank you. ~W. F

W. F