You have arrived here for a reason.

Life is divine and you were made to flourish and thrive. Achieving your highest frequency naturally occurs when you are in alignment, and I'm here to guide you in making it as easy and enjoyable as possible. We've got a lot to catch up on, so let's get activated together baby!


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There is more divine magic within you ready to be unleashed, and you know it. Light Language will help you to access, activate, and amplify your soul's true expression so you can utilize your spiritual gifts and embody your greatest potential. it's time to live your juiciest life.


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"It's obvious her influence is palpable and extensive. Heather stands out as a beacon of light and love, and real-life people she has inspired and healed along the way are the testament. With this she has attracted a total of over one million followers on her platforms, with whom she has cultivated a close and intimate relationship, feel and connection with. Known for her trendsetting flair, Heather combines a spiritual and healthy lifestyle with her humor, powerful personality, and genuine care for others. Her charismatic presence and authentic approach truly make her one of a kind." -Gaia


Every moment prior has lead us to meet in this one. Thank you for being here and existing on earth during this lifetime. It is an honor and a gift to connect with you. As a cosmic channel, spiritual intuitive, and overall fun-loving cosmic human, I am here to guide, activate, awaken, and remind others of their full power, potential and purpose. I do so with divine awareness and intention, and focus on the frequencies of love, joy, bliss, beauty and light- as a reminder that evolution and ascension can also be effortless and enjoyable! I infuse all of my creations and virtual transmissions with the highest frequencies of Activation. To awaken and remind you of the Divinity you already have within. The Activation Vibration, is a frequency you feel. Blessings, Heather