Life is juicy and divine so I like to make it as fun and fulfilling as possible. Plus your highest frequency is achieved when you are your happiest! I create tools to make it easy and exciting for you to make it a reality right now. Let's tap in together!


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  • Leader of Light

    Heather is a trailblazer in the spiritual community passionate about using her platform to guide and inspire others. She has trained and activated over 23,000 students throughout the last several years, created a viral mantra that circulates worldwide, and elevated light language to global recognition as one of the firsts to popularize it online - leading the way for thousands of people to now normalize and teach it. She also took the first leap to infuse Light Language into music, pioneering an entirely new genre with her Activation music. Her bold leadership and fearless trust in her expression is what has set the stage for many, and continues to.

  • Spiritual OG

    Heather was innately connected to spirit since she was a child. As she got older she felt called to study meditation and consciousness through school, traveling, and real life experiences. Heather has spent years venturing to ancient sacred lands around the world to learn different practices and techniques from elders and healers of all backgrounds. She is allied with sacred plant medicines and elemental magic, and initiated into certain meditation and energy practices in which she now shares and teaches. Heather also has a background in competitive boxing, which was a gateway of discipline, devotion and connection; which helped lead her to this path.

  • Divine Feminine Empowerment

    For the last several years Heather has hosted gatherings, retreats, ceremonies and circles for thousands of women to gather as our ancestors have for eons; in love, care, and support of each other. She co-founded “Sacred Sisters Circle” which lead women through monthly circles in person and online every month for years, and certified sisters to host their own gatherings around the world, and create their own business. From ancient wisdom teachings, to sacred rituals, embodiment practices, and healing of the mind body and soul— it’s part of her most proud and cherished work which she continues throughout her life. You can view Sacred Sisters here.

  • Alchemist of Light

    It didn't start off easy for her either. Heather left home at a young age due to an unhealthy household and was forced to develop thriving societal and survival skills early on. The trauma helped to activate her spiritual abilities at a young age, and she now alchemizes the wisdom as medicine to help others. You may recognize her from being on Dr. Phil, although once embarrassing - it's now become proof of a miracle. The transformation and healing that has taken place with her family since, is a true inspiration story of hope.

  • Business Background

    She’s not new to the game. In the last 10 years Heather has traveled around the world speaking on panels, conferences, and at festivals as a spiritual guide, leader and healer. Before that she helped to begin, kickstart, invest in, and consult for seven successful companies, most of which now generate millions in revenue. She even hosted a show called “Wellness with Heather Hoffman,” which was streamed to Hulu, Roku and AppleTv. Heather was recognized as the credibility behind cannabis being a “superfood” and was published in multiple magazines, as founder of the first organic and vegan cannabis company which was distributed in thousands of dispensaries.

  • Worldwide Reach

    Her medicine continues to heal people all around the world. “Everything is working out best case scenario” is a mantra that Heather started back in 2015, which picked up major traction in 2017. From a candid Instagram story of her chanting the mantra while passing ambulances, it sparked and became an international hit with over four million reposts and tags. It lead her to be invited around the world to chant and amplify the mantra with thousands of others. It’s now a positive affirmation that many are familiar with and share regularly as a part of the Light Grid.

"It's obvious her influence is palpable and extensive. Heather stands out as a beacon of light and love, and real-life people she has inspired and healed along the way are the testament. With this she has attracted a total of over one million followers on her platforms, with whom she has cultivated a close and intimate relationship, feel and connection with. Known for her trendsetting flair, Heather combines a spiritual and healthy lifestyle with her humor, powerful personality, and genuine care for others. Her charismatic presence and authentic approach truly make her one of a kind." -Gaia


Every moment prior has lead us to meet in this one. Thank you for being here and existing on earth during this lifetime. It is an honor and a gift to connect with you. As a cosmic channel, spiritual intuitive, and overall fun-loving cosmic human, I am here to guide, activate, awaken, and remind others of their full power, potential and purpose. I do so with divine awareness and intention, and focus on the frequencies of love, joy, bliss, beauty and light- as a reminder that evolution and ascension can also be effortless and enjoyable! I infuse all of my creations and virtual transmissions with the highest frequencies of Activation. To awaken and remind you of the Divinity you already have within. The Activation Vibration, is a frequency you feel. Blessings, Heather