12/21/2021 Gateway of Light

12/21/2021 Gateway of Light
12/21/21 Gateway of Light
An Activation and Advancement of Abundance
This sacred gateway of initiation is encoded with the numerological energies of •12–21• symbolizing completion, a new cycle, creative expansion, inspiration and initiative through intention.
Accessed; through internal awareness and realization. The acknowledged union— of the full Self.
The way to enter this gateway— is within.
Admittance is granted through traveling into the depths of your own being.
The space between everything that “is”
The place in which your cells are created, your bones assembled, where your belief patterns are articulated, your expression emanated.
Dive into the vulnerable void inside of you and be still with what rises to be recognized.
In return you will be rewarded with an internal knowing that encodes you, eternally.
Strengthening, amplifying, supporting and propelling you forward along your path.
Through this gateway you are gifted inspiration, motivation, momentum and medicine to share.
An influx of light (energy, bliss, awareness, intelligence) is activating your soul’s resilience and heart’s brilliance.
You already know who you truly are
Let it breathe and Be, through you.
This portal gateway is less about “doing things” in order to anchor in a perfect alignment, and more about tuning in, relaxing and Being it. The Sacred Solstice, embodied.
*Win Code: rest and reflect, in order to rise renewed.
Focus on solidifying this connection to your inner self, and the Source that created you. Choosing to act, speak, feel and think— as God does. Divinely.
DREAM BIG visions for yourself right now.
See what you want to see more of.
Receive it all as a gift—
It is.
Blessings to your activations

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