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Activation Vibration

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Activation Academy

Activation Academy

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 The Activation Academy is an intimate virtual space of cosmic community, connection, monthly new meditations, LIVE personal calls, and all types of support and friendship from Heather— to encourage, uplift, inspire and activate you to embody the best version of yourself!

PLUS— An amazing cosmic community! The conversations and topics we touch on as a community in the Academy, so openly, honestly, and vulnerably- are the convos your soul has been craving! I also share “Activation Activities” with fun, random, exciting and expansive things to do to take steps towards further embodying your highest self in this physical!

BONUS: Surprise calls with magical leaders from different communities, viewpoints and encoded energies!

I AM ALSO extra active in this space, and share random energy updates, supportive quotes and channels, and other helpful things to support you along your journey!!

You ALSO get instant access to a reservoir of some my favorite meditations that I sell separately— for free! More meditations unlock for you as you stay subscribed as well! (These are in ADDITION to the new monthly meditations we focus on)

I am so excited to connect with you fam!!

By joining the Activation Academy Portal you can expect to:

FEEL MORE CONNECTED to soul family and soulmates around the world, reuniting with those who you came to earth to meet again. Increase your connection to yourself and intuition, to God, the Universe, Source, and your Guides

AMPLIFY YOUR ENERGY FIELD Through Activations, energetic support systems, having consistent community accountability and connection, encoded guided meditations, and by joining our LIVE calls

AWAKEN THE MAGIC OF YOUR LIFE In real and tangible ways. We activate group portals of miracles, blessings, and other manifestations that come true! This is SO powerful in intentional group settings like these, Plus just the vibes of the Activation Academy will have you feeling fresh, free, inspired and activated.

 AWAKEN THE WISDOM WITHIN YOU With insightful and mind-expanding topics, themes, activities, and conversations we all tap into together. Talk, learn, and share about the things that actually interest you, and own the unique essence that only you, have.

BECOME MORE CONFIDENT By connecting to others who get you, activating and expressing your gifts, embodying the true version of yourself, and staying aligned through the frequency of Activation

LIVE AS YOUR BEST VERSION This community and cosmic space will inspire you, uplift you, strengthen and support you in ways in which your heart has been craving!



-LIVE calls with Heather Hoffman (Activation Vibration)

-New Meditations & Activations

-Community and Soul Family

-Weekly Activation Activities & Check-in

-The Meditation Vault

-Unlimited access to all Academy content

-Events & Retreats


-Raise & uplift your frequency to feel, look, express, and experience your best
-Activate your superpowers and abilities
-Feel more energy and light shining through and within you
-Claim and harness your power as who you truly are
-Experience greater connection with yourself and others
-Have more inspiration, motivation and clarity
-Embody a more comfortable, authentic and expressive version of yourself

*Upon purchasing, you will be directed to another website platform page called Circle, and there you can access the Activation Academy via website and App!! Everything is accessible on your phone, and you are free to cancel your membership anytime, but you probably won't wanna😘


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