Accessing Past Lives

Accessing Past Lives

You may be accessing your last lives without Bebe knowing it. These are a few ways how..

 Your Dreams and Astral Travels.

Reflect on significant recurring dreams or vivid memories you've experienced throughout your life—considering the details, emotions, and symbols present in these experiences, journal about any connections or patterns that might indicate glimpses into past lives or aspects of your multidimensional self.

Where do you go in meditation?
Try it now. Imagine yourself in a meditative state, surrounded by a serene and safe environment—explore your inner landscape and visualize stepping through a metaphorical doorway that leads to a realm where time is fluid and all your past lives exist simultaneously; write about and explore the sensations, sights, and encounters you experience while exploring this multidimensional self. Where do you go?

What codes have you already unlocked?
Delve into the realms of your current interests, passions, or unexplained affinities—research and investigate historical periods, cultures, or geographic locations that resonate deeply with you, noting any specific details or connections that emerge; use this exploration as a starting point to journal about potential past-life connections and how they might relate to your present existence. That which you already feel connected and called to but perhaps isnt your current culture or wasnt taught to you or doesnt make sense, its becaused a past life is connected to it.

May we remember. And so it is. 

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