BEcoming WELL

There are seven dimensions to the term ‘wellness’; spiritual, emotional, physical, environmental, occupational, social and intellectual.

It is a very complex term yet is used quite generally- and rarely do the described actually have the qualities of the meaning of the term.
To me, Wellness is about making conscious life decisions in a mindful state of desiring the best for one’s self and all else that inhabit the universe.
It is the awakening to one’s true potential. ‘It is the direct result of personal initiative, seeking a more optimal, holistic and balanced state of health and well-being across multiple dimensions.’
It is about eating with the intention to fuel and heal one’s body- with the awareness that everyday is tough on the physical frame and requires treatment.
Being ‘well’ is having a strong digestion that quickly eliminates toxins and uses remaining nutrients for energy and organ function.
Wellness is matching one’s mind state with what one desires to manifest, and living aligned with one’s purpose.
Wellness is about taking, eating, spending, and desiring only what one needs, and living in a mindstate of abundance- not a state of lacking.
Wellness is an understanding that existence is about growth, and the journey is the destination.
It is an understanding that we are all forms of the same collective consciousness, and the energy you vibrate is the energy you attract.
Wellness is the knowing that being chosen to exist on earth during this lifetime is a gift, and to live with the intention to treat existence accordingly.
Wellness is understanding there is no deeper connection than the relationship between your own body, mind and soul. There is no feeling more satisfying, than discovering the depths of the universe that exists within your own being.
Truly, the only thing you can count on to be consistent in your life, Is the will of your own body.. as long as you are loving it correctly.
Your heart will continue to beat as you sleep, cry, love and hurt. Your legs will continue to run as long as you tell them too. Your lungs are forever expanding and contracting, bringing life force Prana into your temple.
Our bodies are constantly in motion, working to keep us alive, healthy and vibrant. So isn’t it only right that we show it the same love? Squeeze your chest in a bear hug, kiss your limbs, and tell your core how grateful you are to hold so much life in such a small space. You, as a being, are a miracle. Start treating yourself as one.
Sending Love and Light~

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