Have you noticed that nothing else equates to the liberation of being who you truly fucking are?

Like literally nothing.. feels as good.

Whether it is through some form of external expression that shatters confinement, a vulnerable and heart-revealing conversation, unapologetically owning your truth, or simply just showing up in whatever way is authentic to you in the moment..

It’s always the medicine.

The seeker’s answer, the ancient’s prayer, the future’s blessing, the intended purpose.

And the truth is, it’s always perfect.
You, are always perfect.

And we need you— to be you.

For it is not only necessary that you exist and act as who you truly are, in order for you to access your own full potential—

But it’s actually your responsibility to fully claim, embody, and remember this truth,
as your purpose and mission here on Earth.

Own it, and you will Know

Every experience is a moment for you to fully own who and what you are.

May You Remember
And so it is.
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