Thanksgiving Truth

Thanksgiving Truth

Over the years I have had a lot of resistance around pretending that the holiday of “thanksgiving” is not what it is, and have been jokingly serious about calling it “anti-colonizer-celebration-day” instead.

Where yes we get together and give thanks for life and to each other, plus eat bomb food and laugh as much as possible— yet ALSO include some prayer, practice, ritual and/or awareness around liberating the colonis-tic control and confinement that has continued to lurk it’s way within the communities, control systems, and consciousness of all.


Doing something today to intentionally to be of service, give to others, and share love unconditionally in ways, you perhaps haven’t before. Actively expanding your heart to extend and imprint love, in replacement of what has been.


We are here as light beings to surface what has been hidden, distorted and destroyed— to alchemize and transmute it, as we lovingly choose to do it in a new way. Sometimes that love is harsh and needs to be blunt so that it can pattern interrupt, and other times it’s gentle and naturally happens without initiation.


So with the awareness that we have been celebrating the massacre of millions of Native Americans and the rightful indigenous Indians of this stolen land for years— do you still?


No judgement— as I soulfully enjoy the opportunity and incentive for the collective to lovingly come together and put their matrix lives on hold, during the “holidays.” Yet the intention that is held and the awareness around what is being celebrated and honored, is vital.


By bringing awareness and light to what actually is, and actively choosing to celebrate and do it in a new way— we really do shift shit. Individually and collectively, the story starts to change. We rewrite what has been as we reconstruct what is, and therefore what is to be. The lost become liberated, and our lineages heal as they continue along with new encodings.


So what does today mean to you? Have you shifted how you feel, what you do, what you honor or how you experience today in any way over the years through awakening? Share in the comments, and with this loving awareness, may we liberate the masses. And so it is♥️

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