Andromedan Starseeds, Traits and Characteristics. Are you a Starseed from Andromeda?

Andromedan Starseeds, Traits and Characteristics. Are you a Starseed from Andromeda?

Andromedan Starseeds: Wisdom-Bearers and Heart-Centered Healers

Andromedan Starseeds are a compassionate, playful, and childlike group of celestial beings known for their exceptional prowess in science and their role as healers of the body. They are a beautiful and heart-centered race, primarily residing in the 12th dimension. However, when they incarnate on Earth, they assume a 3rd-dimensional form like everyone else.

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Core Traits of Andromedan Starseeds:

Guardians of Peace: The mission of Andromedan Starseeds on Earth is to bring about lasting peace and liberate the planet from reptilian and negative distorted influence. While their exact missions may vary, many are tasked with guiding and serving humanity in some form, often in the realms of science and healing. They are always healers in some way.

Profound Wisdom and Spirituality: Andromedans are carriers of ancient wisdom due to the age of their galaxy, Andromeda. it is aprox. 444 billion light years away. Distance is sometimes equal to intelligence in the galaxy, when traveling. They are incredibly wise and yearn to share their spiritual knowledge with others. Reading, learning, and continuous self-improvement are integral aspects of their lives.

A Perfect Balance: Andromedan Starseeds seamlessly blend creativity and logic. It’s one of their greatest skills. They are highly creative and excel in artistic endeavors, such as writing and acting, where self-expression thrives. Simultaneously, they are masters of science and possess a sharp analytical mind, making them balanced individuals, much-needed in today's world.

Connection to Ancient Civilizations: Andromedan Starseeds are drawn to ancient cultures, particularly those with high spiritual energy. Destinations like Machu Picchu and the Great Pyramids of Egypt hold a magnetic allure, potentially linked to past lives in these civilizations. Some speculate that Andromedans, Sirians, and Blue Avians may have been the winged humans depicted in Sumerian reliefs and statues.

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Confident Yet Challenged: While Andromedan Starseeds may appear confident to the outside world, they can wrestle with self-worth issues. They might fear that their voices will go unheard and thus shy away from speaking up. Not owning and knowing their worth and power. However, as they progress on their spiritual journey, they gradually overcome these challenges and step into their full power. Its inevitable.

Strong Connection to Nature: Andromedans have an innate connection to nature and water. The sound of the ocean and the presence of water evoke a sense of home for them. They are drawn to ocean animals like dolphins, reminiscent of their watery home world. It is essential for Andromedans to immerse themselves in nature and water to rejuvenate their energy.

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Collective Importance: Andromedans believe that the work of starseeds is crucial, as Earth's fate has far-reaching consequences on other galaxies. Approximately 800,000 Andromedan Starseeds are on Earth, making them relatively rare and unique.

Andromedan Starseeds are divine bearers of wisdom, driven by a mission to bring peace to Earth and uplift humanity. They harmoniously balance creativity and science, offering unique insights into ancient civilizations and a deep connection to the natural world, while still being playful and having boundaries. While they may face self-worth challenges, they ultimately step into their power to fulfill their vital role on Earth.

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Do you resonate as an Andromedan Starseed? Do you feel the gentle and yet powerful strength of these magical beings?

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