Awakening Dragon Energy

Awakening Dragon Energy


Dragon energy is an infinite powerful source that is available to all~ the name dragon comes from Greek origin; "drakon" which means "all seeing one" or the "Serpent" 

Dragon energy is a symbol of great divine will and self empowerment. Within this current timeline and reality; our personal dragons are coming back to help us to rekindle the inner fire within us and connection to this powerful source of energy as a collective.

Dragons are the Guardians of Earth, and harness the energy of creation and balance. 

There is not only physical scientific evidence that dragons once existed here on Earth- but many souls intuitively remember quite clearly of these times.

Dragons still exist energetically and in alternative dimensions and realms- and the fact that they once manifested into physical form here on this Earth plane makes their energy even more attainable, potent and available to tap into. 

Dragons existed in the dark ages- so many have attached dragons to the times of evil intent- but dragons are conduits of growth and transformation, assisting in uplifting, supporting and protecting all of Earth's creation and initiating pureness in the intentions of all, once again. 

All magic is neutral- so with this awareness we can utilize dragon energy to empower ourselves internally and externally- awakening the fire of force within our bodies- to slay our inner dragons, and stand strong against the external forces against us (really just testing your strength) 

Dragons are the ascended versions of the Serpent- which is the representative symbol of our Kundalini- which is now RISING within the collective.

The Kundalini energy is the rising Shakti divine feminine power within us all- wether "male" or "female." This energy has been trapped- kept dormant within us for eons, lifetimes now... but that is changing.

Our inner dragons are here to assist us in awakening our Kundalini- in divine time, and to shift the capacity of our own energy. Even that within us which we have yet to tap into- is expanding. Our ancient ancestors and higher selves from past lives in Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt- have tapped into the kundalini life force within- yet now we are amplifying this energetic potential and expanding its capacity. 

This has never before been done in physical form, or on Earth. 


Dragons bring wisdom through change, consciousness and power. Granting us grace and ease through times of transitions~ They are the gate keepers to other realities, bringing great illumination- in which ever way that needs to manifest. Often ancient stories tell of a common theme- having to fight or slay a dragon in order to attain some treasure or spiritual knowledge. We are currently in this time of doing so for our own ascension process and journey. 

Merging with this essence allows you to gain access to new worlds and realms- translating as new perspectives and ways of seeing things- granting you greater possibilities and abilities within yourself and in your external reality.

Tapping into the universal and cosmic source of Dragon Energy- helps connect us to parts of ourselves that were perhaps once lost; dormant or asleep. 

I have personally had past life visions of having dragons and soul experiences of actually being a dragon at many points- I observe that my soul enjoys incarnating into angelic guides of the wise~ this human thing can get a little complicated and serious and my heart much prefers playing, laughing, enjoying and of course flying. Dragons bring potent substantial energies of change, power and tranformation- but they also help to bring light, fun, loving energies once the task is completed- the goals are achieved, and the realms have shifted.

Tap into your divine dragon energy by either calling upon this energy when speaking to your guides in prayer or meditation- or cultivate the fire of the dragon with an open eyed fire meditation. You can call upon dragon energy at any time, and it doesn't necessarily have to be in ceremony or any official way- with intention and energetic focus- we open pathways to new realities and merge with higher frequency energies~ You may also have a personal dragon companion who protects and guides you. Open your mind to receiving the messages and love of these benevolent creatures.

The dragons are back~ and its time we rise with them. 



  • Yoni

    dragon energy

  • Bèshár

    Can you describe what they look like and what color they have?
    Also.. does EVERYONE have a dragon spirit in(?) them?

  • Gavriel

    I need help! I’ve been connected to dragons for some time now and I have the energy activated and immediately noticed differences within myself. I just don’t know how to managed this energy and grow with it more. Great article.

  • Korn

    I’ve never had a greater sense if being lost or without form. I’m all things and all things are in me. What ever we observe we give power too. There is an aspect of myself that has a holy anget and sometimes it can look like a dragon.

  • Eleena Rathaur

    Thank you, you earth angel! This post really spoke to me and it is so unbelievably magical! Love the imagery and I love everything you have mentioned 🥰💖

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