Chapters of Evolution

Chapters of Evolution

There are going to be chapters where you want to hermit into your own cave and create a keep-safe container around you in protection of your energetic field as you master your craft.

Then come times when you rise feeling called to socialize, exchange energy and relate with others open-heartedly.

And perhaps other days, you may be face down on Earth, bleeding out, decomposing- having given up the fight to gestate back out of the soil.

Yet these days are always followed by times of resting at the top of the mountain, overlooking the journey with gratitude. In realization that truly the trek was worth it, and perhaps it was the purpose all along.

The true mastery is in not polarizing between your alternative lessons and states of experience, but instead fusing the balance between them.

There is a source within that can hold your neutral frequency through these fluxes, and in locating such we do not divide within the circumstances.

With this, there is no longer fragmentation or important self-variables lost when shifting into different states because everything is integrated and held present through the process.

It becomes an expansive sculpting when going from one state to the other, all codes intact and the knowing solid.

It becomes the dance.

Establish your personal formula that benefits you most as a whole, and ride it.

This is the ascension.

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I Love You! This is exactly how I feel in my life right now. So many things I resonated with when reading this, I’m learning to balance myself better and I feel like your post will help me with that. Sometimes I’ve been way up on a spiritual high singing great songs and vibrations and then Immediately days later gone way down to the opposite end and start complaining about so much that’s been going on in the world and in my own life. I think your words are intelligent and true and that It’s about keeping balance and not swinging back and forth so much. To ride the line and be able to express both sides to keep emotional balance as to not let it store up in the body by not expressing any negative at all.

I love your blog post and I think you are a super amazing woman and I love watching your content! Thank you for continuing to post high-quality videos, photos, and posts! I prayed for you about a month ago and said I’m praying for an amazing spiritual teacher who is a woman to watch on youtube and immediately the universe provided your youtube videos and I knew right away how awesome your channel was. You are unlike most channels I’ve come across and I pray for your continued success!

Much Love & Gratitude for your Being! Have a Blissful Year! <3

Leo Mystic Magic

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