Choose Your Destiny

Choose Your Destiny

You have the choice~

You CAN exist as a human being- experiencing the physical realm through eyes of the Ego. Perception painted by illusion, riddled with fear- disempowered and disconnected from the spirit realm and your own soul. 

You can certainly get through life that way, receiving your karma and playing out human contracts- maintain a career, family life, and status. And then, you can successfully die, having lived another life - or perhaps your first- on Earth, and graduate to the next phase as a placeholder and replaceable variable perpetuating the cycle.

It has been done repeatedly for eons now and is still an option you have through free will here on Earth, though majority are now moving into the realm of 5th dimensional consciousness. 

Or- you can shift. You can choose to believe the truth that has been screaming silently at you. Acknowledge that you are a soul of intangible light- incarnated into a human vessel, temporarily. 

That you are here by destiny, to anchor new frequencies, timelines, and embody god presence in the form of man and woman. 

You can choose in this moment- which life you will lead. 

Will you reveal the true you that has been crystallizing within? Or stay stagnant in illusion fearing your own truth? 

You are being asked to commit to your choice now. Even if the universe has yet to tangibly show you proof of the magic in which you are composed of; it starts with your decision. And from there~ the universe can support and build on the foundation which you plant your feet. 


the universe has been showing you the totality of your magnificence, but perhaps you have yet to fully listen~

The time is now. Your time- is now. 

✨And so it is✨

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“And so it is” This phrase reminds me of a fishermen who cut a fish. The fish been me. The fishermen "Kryon of Magnetic surface. Through his words I begin to see things differently. His vibration lift me to where I am today and allows me to meet people like yourself beautiful in spirit, reflection on your flesh. To me that is the beauty of it all. to see things through others that are part of you and you part of them as a collective one. This little detail makes it all worth it for me. grounded in my heart with Gaia and those who has been forgotten to make this the place it was meant to be in the first place is my mission as a collective consciousness (cc). AS above so below… “And so it is”…

Victor Mejia

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