Consult the Occult

“Consult the Occult” 

A mantra I suggest to my Self when going through a personal working of my inner thought or belief. *not related to any outside group or phrase other than it rhymes and what it means to me*


Is it a magical thought?

Is it exciting to believe?

Does it give me hope?

Does it align with my chosen perception?

Does it remind me of my own epicness and the divinity within all occurrences and orchestrations?

Is it true to the fact that everything IS working out best case scenario?

If not- then why think it or believe it?

Thoughts are considerations, but what you choose to believe, becomes your reality.

This is not a linear or logical reality (truly) so we are not limited to old constructs or relying on past happenings as a dictation for future frequencies.

Anchor in the thoughts that resonate with the reality you are desiring to create, and all will reflect as so.

Infinite Blissings~

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