Attuning to the Timeline

Attuning to the Timeline

All potential realities take form energetically; as frequency.

These frequencies circulate like spheres of energy around our personal fields and collective atmosphere.

We as hue-man vessels, are transmitters and channelers of frequency and possibility~ living out ideas through physical manifestation and experience.

Every idea, thought, fantasy, dream- is a possible timeline that you have individual access to. You can choose to live out any timeline you desire~ as creator of your own world-realm-reality.

The Master Conscious Creator calls in and creates that which is desired.

In knowing that there are multiple realities always available and accessible at all times- the Master Conscious Creator intentionally fuels and focuses on the feelings of the desired magnetization.

It is doing so with ease and grace, honoring the subtleties of that which already is~ with sight and trust in that to come.

Resistance-free inspired action

~Blessings to your Choosings~

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