Desire of the Soul or Ego

Desire of the Soul or Ego

How to decipher a desire of the Heart, or the Ego. 

When operating out of the Ego, you will be convinced that you are first unwhole in some way- and achieving or gaining a specific something will lead you to being capable or worthy of acquiring something else. 

The heart will not consider the current state of Self- but instead is blinded with passion and soul devotion to the desire. 

There are usually logical steps to the plan of the Ego’s desire, with a perceived idea of how it should go. 

The heart’s desire is free of design- often there is no solid known reason “why,” and you may not be able to explain it, but you just FEEL it. 

The Ego’s desire requires more yang energy- an outward force to complete the steps. 

The heart’s true desire to do something will compel you to take guided action, with trust and surrender to the flow. Creating itself along the way rather than organizing a game plan. 

The universe aligns the steps- guiding you to release the questioning. There is momentum and inertia fueling the pathway. 

An Egoic desire wants instant gratification, and recognition.

The heart’s desire is not pushy- and won’t have you adhere to a limited time span in which it needs to be completed or attained. 

An Egoic desire can have good intentions, but is also associated with financial, material or status gain. 

The heart’s desire manifests abundance without embodied intent- as the universe supports you in your passion. 

Often the soul desire is more scary- as it requires you to step out of your comfort zone, explore the unknown, and trust. 

But the ego desire is more “work” and grants less reward at the end. 

Even if you achieve the desire of the Ego- you are ultimately unsatisfied once attained, so the desire evolves into another desire and the cycle perpetuates itself. 

Now, this is not to say that Egoic desires are “bad” because we obviously need to have desire to make money due to the current constructs of society- but only following the calling of Ego will have you looping in circles and your soul eternally exhausted. 

Following your heart’s desire and operating out of your passion is the purest most powerful gift of ourselves that we can offer to the universe. 💓✨

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