Emotional Intuition or Influence?

An important level of human mastery involves refining your ability to decipher and declare when your emotions are guiding you in an intuitive direction of benefit,

and when they are being influenced by external forces beyond your inner source, leading you astray~

The greatest power we all have as individuals, is to dictate our own personal states.

When there is an anchored embodiment within one’s chosen state of awareness, nothing can disturb that peace.

Being so, there are currently multiple forms of manipulation set in place, that are manifested into every day regularities that have been specifically designed to throw you out of alignment so that you seek refuge in something outside of yourself. And because an external force can never fully satisfy, satiate or relax you- it keeps you functioning from a state of lack and fear, preventing the revealing of your true personal power.

Yet there is always the voice of your soul speaking up to the surface, regardless of how heavy the weight of the veil.

And as your emotions may have lead you into a depth of your own, they can also trigger you out of such states- a simple glimpse of bliss from strangers kissing or a curious child exploring earth can spark resonance with a new frequency.

Eventually your emotions will retrain to trigger you into positive revelation or realization when negatively charged or given a space to evolve from, rather than romanticizing the drama and conflicted polarity.

Be authentic and real with your emotions, but tap into what is real for you on a level beyond your past story, and feel into what a reality from your greatest state, feels like. Fuel that. Feed that.

Step up to the steering wheel and navigate your load accordingly.

New realities await you✨✨

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