Functionality Formula

Functionality Formula

Choosing to NOT be upset, disappointed or hurt by a situation, allows it to work itself out.

For truly nothing is ever “complete” as all variables evolve in essence in order to lead to another.

Identifying with the incomplete phases of any process restricts the natural unraveling of divine purpose.

In actuality, all miracles and disasters are initiated and guided by the same force~ Source.

The moments that temporarily appear to reflect an uncomfortable, inconvenient or unwanted scenario, are offering you opportunities to shift your biochemistry.

Relaxing into the resistance, with patience and pure acceptance of the moment- allows it to reveal a new story to you, and thus permanently shift your neuro-connective symmetry.

When observing Self in a reaction, tap into your heart- like actually feel into the space of your physical vessel that is surrounding your heart and consciously act from that space. This moment, is transferring the subconscious + conscious power of your inner system from your ego-mind to your heart, which is the way of this new paradigm.

The formula of functioning from the ego-mind is no longer a feasible form of operation, as it restricts the flow of Source in which is recreating our entire realities in awareness of the benefit to all.

Those who have Chosen to be a part of this shift are on a quantum timeline of personal ascension, meaning that ALL that is no longer resonant WILL make itself present until it is properly calibrated and redistributed.

Focus on frequency, not the factors.

Tend to your personal needs and you won’t feel compelled to react out through protection mechanisms of scarcity or fear.

Take responsibility for your chosen reaction, without identifying with the emotion flowing through your space.

Opening up into expansion when all parts of you want to contract and close down, allows Source energy to come through and fill you up~ Aligning you to rightfully retain the energy you circulate within any and all interactions; satiating you in totality.

Truly, Everything is Working Out Best Case Scenario~ 

And So It Is💫

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Thanks for taking up the task of sharing common sense and truth. It’s good to see continuity generation to generation. ❤️


Very true. Very interesting to see another way of saying a common truth, and much needed to be said time and time again. Thanks for taking up the task.


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