Gateway of the Ego

Gateway of the Ego

When we reach a stage of completion; as we exit one hallway and approach the gateway of another- we are greeted by the Ego.

The Ego serves as somewhat of a gatekeeper, a passive advisor; with a test of alignment. This test is usually an unexpected, energetically dramatic occurrence with hints of past traumas, wound triggers and ugly epiphanies woven into an orchestra of casual chaos.
This test often also includes false offers of superiority, status, material gain or whatever else appeals to the shadow aspect of you which hungers for power over unity, as a way to redirect your devotion.
However, the main purpose of this test is simply to ensure we are in fact, equipped and ready to continue along with the lessons we have learned, in accordance with the agreement previously made with our Higher Self.
So do not allow the noisy performance conducted by the Ego to distract you from entering the gateway in which you have journeyed so far to enter. Instead, we honor the deeper intention of the appearance of Ego, and make amends with it. It’s is simply there to protect and prepare us. We respect it as part of us, and rather than throw our hands up in battle we gently offer an open palm in acceptance of the message and appreciation.
Yes, you are ready. Otherwise you would not be reading this.
This is simply a reminder.
Go for it~

Sending Love and Light
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