How deeply can you hold it?

How deeply can you hold it?

The emotions you feel— are messengers

Energetic transmitters of subconsciously collected data and personal resonance through the form of tangible energy, purposed to seed and shift a current state of being/embodiment (and timeline) to advance to the next level.

Once, you simply let it move through you.

Be with it
Allow the release, into realization
Accurately tend to your needs
And crystallize your clarity

Though of great value—
Emotional experiences are not permanent states, nor are they always accurate responses of present occurrences or triggers. They often stem deeper. Therefore, they should not be over exaggerated in importance or extensively projected out or upon.

Honored; for their purpose, as a stroke upon the canvas to create the masterpiece— and not focused upon as the only hue of perspective.

Emotional messages are a key to the gateway in which connects the whole of all, within and around.

So when you come to greet you,
And you receive the emotional feedback of your own inner reservoir,

How well can you hold it?
How deeply can you feel,
And intentionally express it?

It is an act of mastery to become fluent to the inner communication of your soul, spirit, and body— as it is the same language spoken by all creation.

Listen, and you will remember how.
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