How to become present?

How to become present?

Often people ask— “How do I become present?”

The answer to this question, is also one of the greatest virtues to humankind.
It is that which grants you access to the magic of our unseen worlds; divinely orchestrating behind every curtain of occurrence.
The satiation and succulence your soul seeks and searches for, fulfillment in entirety…

The answer,
It is patience.

Patience before you indulge.
Patience when you face the challenge.
Patience with the no reply,
Patience with the driver who apparently doesn’t know how to merge lanes.
Patience with the seemingly unending trigger of that one family member,
Patience during the experience of good things you’ve been waiting for.
Patience with the process of your makings and manifestations,
Patience for everything that aligns to meet you.

To take a moment, to breathe and be still enough to reveal the rhythm of everything around and within.

Making its magic; eternal.

When you pause there,
I promise you’ll be grateful for it.
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