The truth is..

The truth is..

Everyone is just looking to be loved.

The baby crying
The couple fighting
The child hiding
The servant guiding

The people pleaser providing
The afraid one denying
The overachiever trying
The confused one dividing

The resilient one rising
The ones always smiling
The sick ones dying
The gold-diggers mining

The student learning
The shadow side purging
The singles flirting
The woman birthing

The seeker searching
The stoners burning
The loner hurting,

They are all deserving

And it’s not about which one of these you are, because you are all of them.

At some point, in someway, you share a vibrational resonance with an aspect of everyone’s story.

And to look at life through this lens,
In knowing that every act is a call out to be loved,
You are filled with the same love you extend.

Tell the ones you know need it; that you love them, and even those you feel may not need it—
They do.

I love you.
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