How to tell your story

How to tell your story

Its impossible to fully tell your story— because it’s always changing. Every experience adds more context to the next, and reframes the meaning of the last.

Evolution is inevitable and always occurring even when stagnant. Conjoining to cocreate a never ending new vision of how you see and receive yourself— now, before, and later.

You were you then, but you are a new you— now, and you will continue to be, everyday.

Your “story” is subject to change because it is still being written, and past chapters are rewritten through the continuation of each breath you take.

Life is a compilation of a wide-spectrum events, all balancing out to meet in the middle as: you.

There is no one way to tell your story, because there are many chapters, novels, dictionaries, and encyclopedias that read up to even only parts of you. You are the entire library, the author, and the one reading.

You cannot be confined by any one explanation, definition, or some imprint of consciousness, you are infinite.

So relish in the essence of your truth as it continues to transform. Bask in the beauty of impermanence as all things stay subject to change. Keep learning and growing from your own growth, and have relief from ever trying to understand or identify something in totality— because nothing is only just as you see it then.

Stay free from fallacy, make love to infinity, and attune to divinity. And so it is✨
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