I’m really out here

I’m really out here

Because I’m not out here making every post to target my ideal client, to sell something, or to build a specific brand upon, I understand I won’t “grow my business or following as fast.” I have known this since I started sharing on social media over 10 years ago. Authentically just posting and sharing my life, my channels, my creations, my music, my insight and wisdom— to help others feel less alone, more connected, reminded, activated and inspired in their own. It’s one of my absolute favorite things to do— is activate others.

For me the point has never been to “reach the biggest audience” but to reach the right people. To connect and speak to the hearts of those who are also on this path and get it. For those who are ready to receive it, and be it. Who are also it. You. I’m not here to sell a product, a brand, an image… I am here to remind you, guide you, love you, lead you, learn from you, and laugh with you. I am here to be me and that in return creates everything that helps everyone else.

So expect it to keep looking different and I don’t expect you to resonate with all my phases, faces and ways. In fact you probably shouldn’t, and should have your own things that I don’t resonate with too. And guess what, those will most likely be my favorite things about you. Yep. I live for the evolution and transformation and acceleration of the soul through seeing LIFE in a million different forms. So I’m here for it, and if you’re not— that’s ok too. But if you are, howdy hi and welcome to the ride, we’ve been going for a while and are here to keep riding!!
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