If everyday..

If everyday..

Today, decide that everything that happens to you is meant for you. All of it; intentionally created and divinely orchestrated— a positive thing, the best case scenario, meant to be, and is exactly what you need.

No matter what the fuk comes to meet you.
Declare and decide this, first.

Meet it all with optimism, a faith and trusted cadence— approaching every gifted moment as if you chose it (in someway, you did.)

From this space of having declared your perception prior; observe and admire how all variables, people, situations and dynamics actually do rhythmically align.

Connecting you to the next level of your evolution. The timeline that is meant for you.

Even if you can’t see the full display of how all parts play out just yet in a situation, be curious and courageous..

Architect it with frequency, from within.

Fake laugh at the fallacy until it’s funny, find beauty within the ugliest aspects, trace grace into the crevices of the confused, create beauty by how you see it all.

These moments then transform into miracles. Revealing the medicine and message meant to come from it’s experience. Granting a key and code to that which your soul has been seeking all along.

There is potency and fulfillment in every layer of your life, even as it all builds to become its full form.

Everything is working out best case scenario. And so it is♥️
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