Influx in Energy

Influx in Energy

If you’ve been feeling the intensity of the recent influx in energy— Congratulations, you’re in alignment.

This full moon in Gemini is an activation of the higher chakras; A completion of the initiation for this year.

Your inner conversation with yourself, the way you outwardly communicate and express, your personal connection, the way you channel and translate information, and the frequency in which you do it all with— are the themes of focus right now.

The sun in Sagittarius and full moon in Gemini is a balanced combination of fiery life force passion and strong directive winds— amplifying you from within to take directed action externally.

It is all about the connection, power, and resonance of your mind/mental body, and integrating it harmoniously with your spiritual body, and soul.

To be naturally directed and called to that which is of best benefit to you (and not the toxic shit) taking actions from a harmonious and strong subconscious space, and innately aligning to that which supports your soul’s highest timeline.

You will feel an openness, clarity, an innate trust, honest direction, and the words to articulate it— finally.

Channeling any anxious or chaotic energy towards prevailing passions, projects, and adventures. Preparing you accordingly, for the next level and year to come.

The influx in energy may be translating for you as a dedicated and devoted focus towards your path, with clarity and creative momentum—

OR it may be translating as a desire to be completely free of any regimens and schedules, openly adventurous, explore, and expand your heart through experiences and interactions with others.

Be extra clear in your communication, and have compassion when holding space and interacting with others right now.

It is ok, and necessary to ask for help and to receive it. Speak your truth, your needs, and be willing to be vulnerable. Hearts heal when they can see each other clearly, even if they don’t fit together ultimately.

The mind can be your best friend of support, or an enemy in disguise— words can either build worlds, or destroy them.

Be intentional, be open, expressive— and enjoy♥️

How’s this energy got you feeling lately fam?

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