Alignment through Chaos

Alignment through Chaos


A system must undergo chaos and destruction in order to rearrange and rebuild itself at a higher level.

In accordance with universal law- the basic concept of every evolutionary process.

You can observe this anywhere in life, in nature; a rigid and fixed structure needs to be peeled, dissected, and shed in order to change and transform into new life.

Just as it has begun to cultivate within your own body on the micro level, it is also happening on a macro level for the Collective.

Be mindful as you continue to undergo your awakening within your own body; as old ways, thinking patterns and habits that no longer serve you are starting to shed.

You no longer feel comfortable in limiting mindsets and confining environments. The people you enjoy, the food you ingest, your hobbies, are all changing.

Your desire for darker energies and frequencies are dying, in order to transform you into your new Self.

You, are complied of energy, which combines as matter- into an organism.

Your millions of cells are part of that organism. All of your cellular memory and cellular patterns have to be reprogrammed and restructured to enable you to assess higher dimensions and frequencies.

It is preparing you to be able to handle the higher, fifth/sixth and beyond dimensional frequencies.

This is a transition that should be treated gently, with patience and understanding.

This is a time of change, shift, and transition, on the collective and universal level, as you have also been experiencing internally.

May you temporarily feel confused or unsafe, simply look around at the evolution of Earth and her people that has already begun to take place, and you will once again remember that you have been here many times, and your current journey, is a success.

We are gratefully nearing the end of a cycle of many tragic events occurring to rattle the complacent misconduct which has been classified as the ‘norm.’ 

This may have manifested in your reality externally, internally, mentally, spiritually or emotionally~ accustomed to your personal purpose. 

We all experience our personal growth in different ways so that we can gather individual tools to assist with the collective creation. 

These events have been created to lead us to the realization that we have a choice as to how we respond, act, and express- thus declaring how we experience our reality. 

This awareness encourages us to start making better choices. 

Having clearer intentions, being decisive, and fully embodying presence when taking action and responding. 

Clarifying what we want, and what we don’t prefer.

Liberating us from the projected perception that we need to receive these revelations in a catastrophic way. 

Thus, granting us freedom from the story. 

Take a pause to rewrite the upcoming chapters of your life. 

You have that ability. 

Reevaluate the soul contracts and agreements which were made prior or during your incarnation to align in accordance with where you wish to go, and what you wish to become. 

We are not who we once were- nor will we be who we are now. 

And that, is the beauty of this timeless orchestra in which we play as instruments in. 

Infinity awaits you~

Sending love and blessings always,


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