Lions Gate 8/8/2023

Lions Gate 8/8/2023

Lions Gate - Divine Fate 𓄂𓆃


The Light of your inner Sun amplifies today. A gateway of infinite opportunities opens, and that which you choose with the integrity of your frequency will declare your personal divine timeline.

8 – 8 is symbolic of infinity

Eternal, Ever-lasting, Evolutionary

A New gateway within reveals.

You have access to more of yourself.

The Lion’s Gate is an astrological access point that physically aligns in the Galaxy to unite cosmic forces of resonance and Light to amplify, and opens a passageway to higher timelines.

A reservoir within you reveals a new found treasure chest of infinite energy, purified power, possibilities, perspectives, information, opportunities and new realities.

The momentum you’ve been calling in.

Don’t underestimate your potential and purpose. Especially during this time. Take a moment to sensually relax your body, knowing that you are in alignment and this is the confirmation.

You already have the power.

You recreate meanings as you choose to define them.

You have been given your specific mission for a reason. It should look different, because you are meant to make it in ways it hasn’t been before.

This is why you have chosen, and been chosen for it all.

Awaken the awaiting within you, let your inner sun shine. Embody the Ascension


Imagine a Lion’s Mane Auric Crown of Light around your head— healing, regenerating and upgrading your physical being. Infusing you with your own power, a strong connection to God, and a momentous new support system that always surrounds you.

And So It Is 𓄂𓆃

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