Loose Your SELF~ What's happening to you?

Loose Your SELF~ What's happening to you?

All life on Earth is currently undergoing some form of personal ascension, wether they are awakened to it- or not. 

This is a collective shift agreed upon prior to us all taking form here, chosen and desired by all who are here to serve. 

Many of us, including myself- are conscious of what is currently happening, therefore (wether known or subconscious) feel an obligation to share or at least energetically assist by holding a vibration, as a part of the changes taking place. 

Many of you feel called to this light work, and have come or are coming to realize it is not an “easy”or predictable roll to embody, but trust- it is worth it. 

It takes devoted effort, constant realignment and self discipline, a willingness to die, adapt and rebirth within these ever-evolving realms of time and space, and dedication to continue arising to the occasion. 

And sometimes that is resting- 

and always, it is honoring yourself as permission for all to do the same. 

I trust this information will be brought to the initiates, the ones who are ready to receive. And for those who are not yet in a capacity to comprehend or even consider- will have seeds planted. 

A significant chapter within this process; is the loss of Self.

And not loosing in a way of misplacement- but a releasing of identification. 

Shedding the layers of projected perception, acquired through the trials of existence. 

Getting out of our own way, so that we can allow our true essence to shine through. Clearing the pathway for that which is purposed, to manifest accordingly. 


In order to plug in to the quantum field- we must become less of an individual, and more of essence- only an awareness, a consciousness. 

Freeing Self of attachments to the physical world, the personality, the credentials and limiting descriptions. 

Dissolving the veil bordering the realm of human, and the realm of God. To unveil the illusion, so that we can see beyond sight. 

Eternal in presence; nothing- yet everything. 

So really, we loose what we define as “ourselves” so that we can really become who we are. 

Your awakening, enlightenment, ascension, soul embodiment- whatever term you resonate with; is a 


Those who are in journey, and those who have acquired such a state- are very much aware of this, because they are currently experiencing it. 

It does not happen all at once. There is no “event” or one occurrence that instantly changes the state of self, humanity, and earth altogether. 

Gradual steps are required through this shift~ because we need time to integrate and apply the awareness and energy advancements coming through. Otherwise there is possibility of personality or soul fragmentation. 

Our human clay vessels need physical and emotional breaks from the cosmic upgrades, as to not overwhelm (or explode) the actual body. 

Our double helix DNA is upgrading to reconnect its 12 strands, and our cellular memory is clearing- to remember truth, at a rapid rate. 

There is no “normal” amount of time in which this process should take- because this is not a normal happening...we are first of our kind.  (not including Yeshua, Siddartha, Isis, and all other ascended master prophets) Plus humanity as a whole is adjusting to a space to even consider what is actually occurring. 

Grant your Self patience, grace, and be gentle- allow time to dissolve the density accumulated, to decalcify the receptors, to unveil the illusions, and purge the distortion. 

Often we experience magical spiritual phenomenon that activates and awakens an aspect of us- but there is still a spectrum harmonization that takes place after, usually expressed through universal tests. 

These “tests” are purposed to evaluate our progress~ so we view them as opportunities; to apply our new tools and sourced inner-wisdom. 

However, it is also true that once you embark on this path- the universe will start arranging blessings camouflaged as steps and signs, in your life to guide you to the next miracle. Connecting you with your highest timeline, your soul tribe, your purpose, high frequency opportunities, and the abundance and resources to support you in your mission. 

If it isn’t here yet for you- it’s coming. 

So what are you doing to prepare?

~Sending Love and Light~
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Hi Heather, thanks for everything you do here and on social media, this is great.
I’m on a spiritual journey since 2013 and I don’t get how to master the non-attachment to things but still using it properly. Like, I don’t get the point of being in a human body and I don’t understand how to master the 3D life while being deeply connected with 5D. How do I navigate on earth since I don’t have any personality anymore, I don’t know what to choose, what to do, where I should go. Everything is just blurry and I keep asking questions but I can’t receive a clear answer and questions are just turning loudly in my head. It’s very annoying.
Anyway, thanks for everything, love 💞


It makes perfect sense. It’s crazy how I knew these things as I read them. But gained so much clarity from this post. Namaste Heather. <3


Wow. Thank you Heather.


Thank you so much! I have been on a spiritual journey these past couple of weeks and I can’t explain it to anyone else who can understand. I can only say “I am shifting into another state of being”. People look at me like I’m talking nonsense but they do not understand…yet. Reading this has taught me that this is a journey and not a race with myself. I have made a slight career change because of this feeling of wanting to connect to myself and the earth more and to heal my body and mind from the burdens of this materialistic society. I have always felt like my existence means so much more than just being here and going through the motions. I crave earth and it’s beauty and the sun and the sand and the ocean. I crave peace and unity with earth. I know I will get there. ✨✨


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