We are always getting exactly what we need, to evolve.

All occurrences are essential aspects of our unique individual journey— purposed to further us into greater realization of self~ of God.

No matter how minor, major, of interest or dissonant the orchestration may initially appear.

It is all divinely intended.

Within these spaces— we reclaim parts of ourselves that we need, in order to continue realizing who we truly are.

Wisdom is remembered, and an innate intelligence awakens within.

They are opportunities to embody and express more of our truth— tangibly, in physical reality.

This ripples out as a frequency to influence the collective field to also continue evolving and embodying the truth of awakened remembrance.

This is not some spiritual woo woo shit— this is a formula of energetics. The laws of the universe, the way of all creation.

And in adopting the divine perspective, we recognize it is truly a gift to temporarily experience whatever makes it into our space.

By choosing to see the beauty of each phase and unique catalytic occurrence— it reveals the medicine and it’s purpose.

It integrates and upgrades us, as it’s meant to.


If you receive wisdom, insight, information, inspiration, connection, a remembrance, anything from me— it is truly an honor.

As I too am humbly growing, learning, evolving and upgrading along side you. Thank you for being here on earth at this time😘

Blessings to you and your transformations♥️
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