music effects your mind

music effects your mind

Music has the ability to rewire your subconscious and instantly shift your state of being.

We have all felt it and know of the familiar comfort, once “the music hits we feel no pain.” The combination of encoded emotion, stimulating sound frequencies, and beats that bring light to your body— unite and somehow everything makes sense.
The nervous system calms, creative channels open up, and the clarity of contentment replaces what was once chaotic within. The emotions (energy in motion) become art — and is expressed, not suppressed or distorted. It generates medicine and advances you into your own greater resilience.

Tribes have danced for lifetimes to clear energy, move stagnation, and heal and unite the community. The heart beats of drums, the melodic rhythms, and songs sang by liberating throats, all hold frequency that is amplified when combined. Music initiates all healing and harmony.

Now this is not to say that rachet rap and emotional Eminem is now off limits, because I still love that too. Yet it’s an awareness of what you are most consistently and intentionally attuning to on a daily basis, that wires into your inner and outer reality. You can still listen to lower vibe music and enjoy it, just knowing that you aren’t doing so as a mantra or to manifest it, but to move energy and emotion. In that way, it is healing.

What you listen to, chant, repeat, and encode into your subconscious through consistently saying, singing, thinking— manifests and moves timelines beyond you.
In some way, some how. Perhaps not exactly as you say it (and of course you have declaration over it) but it generates a resonance that you can then choose to continuously feed and fuel, or not.

When I first started making music, it was exactly for this reason. I wanted to create music for my friends, family, myself, and anyone else who felt the frequencies— to intentionally heal, liberate, express, activate, align, and embody to. I specifically encode and embody certain frequencies of activation that I transmit through my voice, words, sounds, and in the way the songs are positioned/placed and emit altogether. It’s a harmonious orchestra of divine intention and allowance of what comes to be, that translates uniquely and differently for everyone.
Can you feel it?!😍

Artist name “Activation”




As always, love and blessings to you!♥️

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