New Paradigm Holiday

New Paradigm Holiday

Columbus Day is now Indigenous People’s Day.

We are living the moments as a breathing embodiment of a grand permanent shift.

No longer do we celebrate the day of infiltration into separation, accompanied with mass genocide-

But now~ the Day of honoring diversity, the coming together of all people and all lands, a celebration of expansion.

As divinely planned, many within the Collective have now Awoken~ so the outdated structures that were set in place under wrong and unjust circumstances; no longer resonate to an extent where we can not only keep blindly following them- but we must redefine them in totality.

We are re-writing our story, reclaiming our future and shifting the narrative.

All of the chaos that has guided us to this point- has simply been the first chapter.

It has clarified the depths in which humans have the capacity to separate- to perceive themselves as different than their same species. And although few appear to be steering further away- MANY are aligning to their hearts, and the truth that roots us all.

The story, has just begun.

Thank you for choosing this path, and to incarnate at this time- as the most powerful and pure have made it through.

We are ready, we are it.



~Beautiful Art by @cosmiccollage on Instagram~
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What a lovely transmutation. Giving gratitude for being shown very clearly what we don’t want, and for the discernment to choose what we do want


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