Our hair holds energy

Our hair holds energy
Our hair holds energy, as a conduit and extension of our crown chakra.
The strands of our hair are intuitive communicators of subtle energy, and work like spiritual antennas.
This was common knowledge to many wise ancient cultures, and it is believed that the potency, properties and virtues of a person are concentrated in their hair, and that it is a physical representation of devotion and soul strength.
Rastafarians loc their hair in honor and mirror of the lion mane, with awareness that the power and presence of a person extends from the antennas of the crown, so the hairs are united and organized with intention and prayer. And when knotted— the energy remains in the hair and body, keeping the person resilient.
In Native American cultures, braiding hair also has a similar purpose and design when done with divine intention and prayer.
In Hindu and Buddhist cultures, hair can represent an extension of energy that can be distracting for one who is still discovering true self; hence why cutting and shaving hair is considered a physical act of surrendering ego and worldly desires.
Ascended Masters and Gods are often depicted as wearing their hair intentionally at the top of their head. This purposed position— meant to activate and awaken spiritual connection to Source by channeling and streaming through the hair as a conduit.
Crowns and halos also represent spiritual connection and attunement to god.
Our hair is an extension of our inner energy, our nervous system, and a physical representation of our aura.
I find that when I wear my hair in a spiral bun up at the top of my head— I am subtly more focused and my energy is directed with more precision. When my hair is down, my energy feels more free to express and be wild as it pleases.
How do you feel/relate/connect with the casual spiritual antennas you got growing from your body?

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