Own it

Own it

It may trigger the fuk out of some people when you choose to show up fully, and shine in your divine essence..

But you gotta just do and be it,

It’s what you came here to do.

And whether the trigger activates an awareness of unacceptance within the other, confuses them based on their own distortion, or surfaces their fear because it’s new and questions their current knowing..

You have to trust it.

Because every trigger— is truly a gift of insight into a hidden space that is ready to be further enlightened.

And sometimes— that is the activation.

Plus, for every ego that is triggered—
11 souls are activated into greater light.

Being unapologetic in your authentic expression, inspires others to explore their own version of it; and thus further remember the totality of who they are.

The reward greatly outweighs the resistance.

And in its greatest importance— authentically being you without care of judgement; is the only thing that will truly satisfy your own soul. (The purpose of God’s creation)

It is always, what you are “looking” for.

It’s you.
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