Peaceful Sleep & Sweet Dreams

Peaceful Sleep & Sweet Dreams

As I lay down in bed before going to sleep at night, I create and anchor a portal of Light around me.

I intentionally invoke the presence of a higher frequency energy into the field.

Right before getting into bed, I walk counter-clockwise around my entire space with some form of smudge/smoke and intention, to clear and purify the energetic environment.

Once it is so,
I give gratitude to all life, before, during and after me

I send love and healing to all whom are to receive it

I thank earth, my friends and family, the elements— all physical extensions of Source

I pray, celebrate and affirm goodness in my life and for all those who are connected to me (even you reading this)

I appreciate all that has occurred to allow me to exist in this moment, and going forward

I honor all experiences, on all levels

I call in pillars of Light to guide, protect and recharge me through my astral travels

I get excited to rest, knowing another day awaits me to rise once again.

I recently shared a video on YouTube going more in depth on my energetic practices before sleeping each night, and find they are extra helpful for encouraging and supporting positive dreams/astral travels, and a joyous mood upon waking up every rising. You can click the link below to watch.


Video- Spiritual and Energetic Practices before bed

What are some energetic practices you do before bed?
Share in the comments, perhaps it is the exact medicine and remedy someone needs.

May you dream, divinely.

And So It Is

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