I was required to clean out every area of my life this past phase.

Many are feeling it~

All my belongings, my room, closet, car, and the depths of my entire psyche + childhood story- was recently purged and repurposed back together for the sake of the new version I am anchoring in.

The most random areas of my life started to scream for attention- yet now that I have been circled back around and see the course I just completed- it all makes sense.

Trust the unpredicted steps~

Mine lead me to walk from the skins of all my past versions and synch into the new embodiment I have been building out all this time.

Many times I felt exhaustion to the point of no return, and it had me questioning why I do all this if I deteriorate in the process.

It guided me to take many steps back- so I did.

Finally allowing myself to fall to my knees +

yet this time, I didn’t feel the need to stand back up.

I laid open, stripped naked, and gave myself back to Earth. All parts of me unraveling to be cleansed.

It was when I began to get comfortable in this state of surrendered healing, that I heard a strong voice bellow from the higher realms; “RISE ALMIGHTY SKILLED ONE.” So I did.

And yet~ another rebirth

Continuously choosing to be gentle with the fragments of my new becoming, merging their way into permanency within me~

Discovering new delicacy in the sweetness of that which was previously unseen. In awe of the gifts unraveling and revealing.

I am in no rush, for my temple awaits me.

All in divine timing

And so it is💓✨

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I’m not sure how I found my way to your site, but thank you!


I am so appreciative of all you share and are! Much love to you ❤


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